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Margaret (“Mar”) Bleeker Scanlan was born of Dutch immigrants in Pennsylvania. She studied business and psychology at Bucks County Community College.  Mar’s family was in the construction business and she followed her experience with the family trade and interests in architecture and business, into real estate. She first practiced real estate in New Jersey in 1992, where she specialized in selling historic homes.  After living in several places in the U.S. and working in various businesses, Mar settled in Jacksonville, Florida where she practiced real estate again, and became a member of the Multimillion Dollar Club.  In 2009 Mar and her husband, Rob moved to Athens, Georgia to start a business. Mar started practicing real estate again in 2019 and hung her license with Nabo Realty. A people-person, she is pleased to be back in the business, helping buyers and sellers make informed purchases.  Mar has 3 daughters, Erin, Emily and Megan, and one granddaughter, Finley. She lives with her husband and their Sheepadoodle, Midge.  Mar has always embraced her Dutch heritage, speaks Dutch and often hosts family from the Netherlands. She is an avid reader, and loved being a part of her book club.