I couldn’t imagine going through this process with anyone else.

Hiring Joe P (as everyone seems to refer to him as) was probably the best thing we did when buying our house. We had just moved to town and didn’t know any real estate agents, so we figured we would look at a couple houses and talk with the listing agents. Out of those Joe P was by far the best. He got to know us and basically what we were looking for. We had 9 things on our “wish list” for our future house but, apparently, that was a tough combination of things. This is where Joe really shined. We would send him house we’d find online but we never saw most of them. He’d say stuff like “That neighborhood is really in decline. I’m afraid your house wouldn’t be worth what you owe on it in a couple years” or “Sure, they look nice, but all the homes in that area were really poorly constructed”. He never refused to show us anything but instead guided us with his knowledge of Athens. We finally found the right place (which hit 8 out of our 9 wish list items) and then Joe went to work on negotiations. This went back and forth a bit with the seller but in the end, Joe got us the house for a fair price and got the seller to help with closing costs. All in all, we love the house and we love Joe for having the patience to not push us into some house we didn’t want and instead waited for the perfect house for us. I couldn’t imagine going through this process with anyone else.

Mike C.